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Why We Love Cryotherapy

Regardless of the type or intensity of workout you do, whole body cryotherapy enables you to recover more quickly. Lasting only three minutes, cryotherapy is both healing and exhilarating! During a treatment, your body is exposed to ultra cold temperatures that you wouldn’t normally experience. It’s a little chilly but not painful at all. Benefits include: an immediate endorphin “high,” inflammation relief, reduction of muscle soreness, less pain from sore joints and, reportedly 500-800 calories used during and after your session . Not bad for three minutes…

Cryotherapy isn’t new!

Whole body cryotherapy originated in Japan in 1978, where it was studied as a powerful remedy for pain and inflammation. It quickly spread throughout Europe, where it became known for its athletic training and rehabilitation benefits. Now, cryotherapy is catching on in the United States. There are over one hundred cryotherapy locations and everyone, from professional athletes and high school football players to Silicon Valley executives and couch surfers, are using it on a regular basis.

Here’s how the magic happens!

During a Whole Body Cryotherapy treatment, you step into a private cryosauna, your feet and hands covered with our comfy gloves and socks. The cryosauna floor elevates, allowing your head to be outside of the chamber so that you breathe normal room air. Nitrogen gas mist then circulates around your body for 2-3 minutes, bringing the temperature inside the chamber down to -150 F to -300 F. Your skin surface is rapidly cooled for a very short period of time.

Cold sensors in your skin send signals to your brain and your body initiates the “fight or flight response” and reactively produces endorphins. It also redirects blood from your peripheral muscles and tissues to your vital organs.

As blood circulates your vital organs, it is enriched with additional oxygen and nutrients. As your internal organs are surrounded and nourished by enriched blood, all crucial body processes are accelerated. If the performance of any of your organs was low or impaired, your body will remedy the deficiencies as much as possible.

After 3 minutes of whole body cryotherapy, you’ll step out of the cryosauna, and your body will begin to warm back up. Your brain recognizes the temperature change, and sends enriched blood back out to the peripheral muscles and tissues, filling the remote corners of the body. When this enriched blood reaches your peripheral tissues, they are enhanced in the same beneficial way as the internal organs were during the treatment, decreasing histamine (inflammation) markers, and helping to mend damaged muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments.

What are the effects of the big chill?

The endorphins released during your cryotherapy session will make you feel refreshed, rejuvenated and energized. You’ll feel an immediate improvement in muscle soreness and may see a measurable reduction in joint inflammation.

A single cryotherapy treatment can suppress muscle pain and joint inflammation for up to several weeks. If you are counting calories, the reported 500-800 calorie burn associated with cryotherapy is an added bonus. Several successive cryotherapy treatments can even lead to an increase in hemoglobin count. Every member of The Performance staff regularly receives cryotherapy. We love how it makes us feel and helps us recover quickly after a hard workout!

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