Testimonials What People Are Saying About The Performist


The therapy was invigorating. The gentlemen who run the place know their stuff, were kind, fun and guided me throughout the process. I highly recommend it! The atmosphere is modern, nicely designed, clean and the equipment is all brand new. No need to bring anything they provide it all. I exited the chamber feeling refreshed and alive. It positively impacted the rest of my day. I went for 1:30 2 times with short breaks and could have done even more. A fun experience,  that can improve any day, plus the health benefits you get. Outstanding!
- Dan K., Yelp Review
First time doing cryo and couldn't have asked for a better experience - the studio is immaculate and the team professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I'm a competitive athlete and it did wonders helping recovery from my long weekend run! Highly recommended.
- Nicola B., Yelp Review
I recently took a tour of The Performist in Palo Alto, awesome space, fun atmosphere and energetic vibe from the staff. I also did my first ever cryo session for 2 minutes. Absolutely loved the process and experience, slept like a baby that night - nothing else like it! They also have a fitness studio, the lighting and visuals are pretty stimulating and makes me excited to come back and get my Performist on. Can't wait!
- Syerra L., Yelp Review
Lots of buzz on Stanford campus re: cryotherapy at the Performist. I was at a party on Sunday and heard the Tri team is going after there work outs.  Smiling.  I went last Friday for the first time: modern design interior and tres enjoyable experience.  Will be back to try out their training studio before my next dip.  great location, lovely people, hot spot at Town and Country.
- Heather C., Yelp Review
Fantastic! I went to this place not knowing about cryotherapy and I was very skeptical about it.  The experience certainly amazed me.  It is the kind of thing that you will want to do many times.  The staff was great, nice, and professional. They explain the benefits of cryotherapy in a way that encourages you to go. While inside, they go through the process with you, supporting you to take the most of the freezing (-150) environment . After the chamber I went to their gym feeling that I had energy to work out for a long time.  The place is beautiful inside, it is clean and organized.  I'd encourage you to try this place, it really is special.
- Patrick D., Yelp Review
Coming to The Performist was an amazing experience all together! The place looks very nice, and costumer service is great - staff is very friendly and knowledgable. Yes, at first, the idea of being "frozen" can be a little intimidating, but let me tell you, it is such a great experience. They walk you through the whole process, explain the science behind it, and make sure all your questions are answered. You put on a robe, gloves and socks, and then go into the chamber. The machine shows you the temperature you're being exposed to the whole time (mine went to -240F!!!). It's pretty cool! You only stay in there for 2-3 minutes, and it actually goes by quickly. When you get out, you feel completely refreshed and energized! Highly recommended!
- Katie M., Yelp Review
This is such an amazing place!! I had my very first cryotherapy session yesterday, and it was an unbelievable experience. I had such a great time..I can't wait to go back again!! Knowing the chamber reaches temperatures below -200F, I was admittedly very nervous before doing the session. But, the owners are extremely knowledgeable and reassuring. When you step inside the chamber, the floor is raised or lowered so your head remains above the level of the nitrogen gas the whole time. The operator is standing outside the chamber the whole time and will talk to you about whats going on, making the whole experience comfortable. Because your head is not "inside" the chamber, using this device is not claustrophobic at all. The whole session lasts only 2 minutes, and you leave feeling unbelievable refreshed, and energized. I workout regularly (4-5 times a week) and so I was interested in trying the cryotherapy for the recovery aspects. Athletes all over are using this amazing technology to speed their recovery and improve their performance. But whether you are a trained athlete, casual fitness-goer, or just a health/wellness enthusiast, I highly recommend you stop by the Performist and see what Cryotherapy is all about!
- Matt M., Yelp Review
I just experienced my first cryotherapy session this past Saturday - and I can't wait to go back for more!! I'll admit at first I was a little nervous about going into a chamber that would reach -200 degrees, but now having done it - it was so amazing!!! Being in the customer service field myself, I was really impressed with the customer service that The Performist offered. I was immediately greeted with a smile right when I walked in by Gene, who was super personable. Next, I met with Landan who gave me a tour of their new, great facility and explained everything in detail about all of their services as well as their plans for the near future. When it was time for my session, he stood right outside the chamber and talked with me the whole time while I was doing my session. I felt very comfortable and safe, especially since this was my first time with cryo. I'm so excited about all they have to offer, and can't wait to come back for more!
- Andrew B., Yelp Review
As a professional athlete, my job is to keep my body and mind in the best shape possible so that I can perform at the highest level. Landan provides the perfect combination that challenges me physically and mentally. He creates a high intensity environment that allows me to push my body to the next level, but my favorite part is the mental aspect that he incorporates. It’s not a regular workout class where people go through the motions, instead Landan invites you to be present and mindful throughout the class. He encourages you to overcome the physical fatigue and become mentally stronger, which is key to being a successful athlete. The feeling of accomplishment and positivity after completing Landan’s class is something I look forward to and enjoy throughout my week.
- Diane , Professional Volleyball Player & Coach
I am a woman in mid-life who has been physically fit and active all my life. I have worked out with trainers, both fitness coaches and life coaches. I rose to executive levels in a Fortune 15 company and in the world of venture capital. Landan has an ability to push beyond what you thought you could do physically, which results in a confidence to dream about what else might be possible. He has lots of tools up his sleeve - he can meet you where you are by pushing when he sees the opportunity to do so and love you when you can’t walk another step because you have left it all on the field. I worked with Landan for just over a year. Most of all he challenged me. He would not let me settle for being less than who I can be. He didn’t care what else I had achieved in life - he knew I needed a personal breakthrough. He pushed me where others could not. You don’t pay for Landan to give you a workout ( although that you will get!) you are paying to be motivated, to be challenged and to have some fun! My results: Today I am the happiest I have been in decades. I feel and look better than in years ( my weight is the same as in my 20s). Most of all, I am brave and courageous enough to make authentic choices in this amazing life.
High energy, motivating, fun, and effective! That’s how I would describe Landan’s class. As someone who enjoys working out, but gets bored easily, I was so excited to find something new and different. I had been doing a lot on my own (cardio, strength, P90X, Nike Training, etc.), but I needed to get out of my routine. My first reaction to Landan’s class was, “WOW this is different!” In 60 minutes I’m getting a great cardio workout in conjunction with a challenging strength workout. It was reps and combinations that I had not done before, or if I tried to do on my own, I might not push as hard. But the moves and exercises were not the only thing bringing me back week after week, it was Landan’s positive energy and his ability to “bring it” no matter what. Never intimidating and always supportive he will make you want to work, and you will reap the rewards!
- Lori Krolik, Productivity Specialist
Landan can motivate the unmotivated. His energy proliferates to those around him whether one on one or in a group environment. When you don’t think you have the strength do one more rep, or hold for another 15 seconds he pushes you to the limits. In a group environment, he flows through the room acknowledging everyone’s efforts, making you feel like you are in a one on one session. Landan’s classes are challenging for even the fittest athlete. No matter what your fitness level you are pushed to your limits and encouraged to try a little harder. For me, completing the class provides an adrenaline high for hours afterwards. The class is hard but fun and the upbeat music makes the environment lively.
Landan in one word is passionate, contagiously passionate. He loves what he does and as his student, it is as if he was put on this earth to do this. It’s definitely his calling and he is great at it. He has an amazing energy, which is incredibly motivating. He doesn’t just teach a class, he develops and coaches his students. He demands 100% when you train with him and gives 110%. You’ve got to be present and dedicated. He makes you feel, the class is just for you, regardless of how many other people or your fitness level. I had been going to the gym for years, doing classes, working with trainers and had seen marginal improvements at best. Landan changed my whole mindset on fitness both physically and mentally. With Landan, I have transformed into a new person - losing weight, being stronger and more fit is only one aspect; I’m more confident, energized, positive and happy. His words are powerful, impactful, encouraging, motivating, strong yet simple. I find myself thinking about what he’s said in the class and carry it throughout my day. He knows everyone is his classes and engages with each and everyone one of us. If you are lucky enough to train with him, you will see this for yourself. It’s like nothing you’ve experienced before.