Sexy Strength Training

Liz is Sexy Strength Training and the Kettlebell Queen, a former Collegiate Track and Field Athlete, she loves lifting weights, doing Handstands, Yoga, and Dancing!!!  She loves working with people who want to be strong, lean and toned without getting injured.  She does a lot of work with healing the feminine self and empowering women to feel safe in their own sexiness.



The Sexy Strength Training class is designed with the Goals of getting Strong, Lean and Toned.  You will learn the exercises that give you the best “bang for your buck”, be challenged to learn new exercise skills, so you can feel like a badass wherever you go to workout, and get sweaty with an intense workout at the end.  This class is for all skills levels, and is very friendly for the beginner exerciser, or the exerciser who hasn’t worked out in a while.




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