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Performance Training – You Deserve Change

Time to change it up people, Why you need Performance Training

What are you paying to be at your gym? Doesn’t it look (and smell the same) as every other gym you’ve been to?

Many people complain about the costs of a gym and say that hiring a trainer or performance coach can be too pricey. In many cases, that’s a valid point. They aren’t getting the experience they want, or the benefits they need from their gym. Sometimes this is the gym’s fault, sometimes it’s their fault – and if you’re one of those people who enjoys pouring money into a bottomless hole in the ground and likes talking to their trainer or gym mates more than actually working out, then the Performist candidly probably isn’t for you.

The reality is that many of today’s gyms have not changed all that much in the past 30 years. Most gyms have a hoard of machines that do the same thing – some of those machines have a waiting list. Doing more repetitions at higher weights equals success. Chugging out more time on cardio machines equals success. Treadmills, bikes, elliptical machines and climbers provide passive exercise that allows people to wile away the time. We’ve all known plenty of people who log the hours on the cardio equipment but don’t look anything like they do. Problem.

Most gyms boast that they have the best equipment ever and provide amazing results. But, what do you see when you look around at the other members? A large gym can have as many 3000 to 6000 members, and I’ll bet you’ll see only 10 or 20 really fit people. And, these gyms are pretty boring places to spend an hour. You deserve better than that!

Here’s how The Performist is different

We are not just another fitness studio. Take us outside and shoot us if we ever become that way.

We’re crazy and proud of it – we change your climate. People adapt when their climate or environment changes. That’s why our clients look and feel amazing. We make them cold, and then we warm them up again. In our studio, you will often train in the dark, with neon lights and music pumping like a club. Our clients are always adapting, recovering and growing.

We also push you to excel. Encouraging you to push beyond what you previously thought you could do physically results in the confidence to think about what else might be possible. Our performance training reaches into every other part of your life, enabling you to dare, be courageous, and achieve personal breakthroughs.

We care. We’ll track your results regularly against your goals and we want you to win. We care about you winning. If you’re not winning then we’re failing. That isn’t going to happen…

The little things add up. We want our clients to have an amazing experience with us, Simple. We focus on getting the big things right to help you look and feel better, but the little things make a difference too – you’ll get a chilled eucalyptus towel and personalized whey shake after every workout for starters. How did you ever do without them?

Our clients look and feel better than they ever thought was possible. They are confident, energized, positive and happy.

Why – Performance Training

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