Meet The Performist Founders

The Performist was founded by four friends with different skillsets and a common love of physical activity: the Bay Area’s best performance and fitness coach, two investors looking for the next best thing, and an entrepreneur with a passion for customer service. Hey presto – a perfect recipe for the best cryotherapy and performance studio in the San Francisco Bay Area.

So, what type of individuals would decide to open a personalized performance training and cryotherapy studio? In short, crazy ones. But we’re OK being crazy.

Here’s the inside scoop on our founders.

Landan “the original Performist”

Landan runs our performance coaching program. He is an ex-college athlete who has a passion for coaching. He won’t tell you this, but he wins our vote for the best performance trainer in the Bay Area, possibly the world. We like to have fun at the Performist and we don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we’re incredibly serious about your performance and Landan is passionate about helping his clients to get better, no matter what it takes.

Landan grew up in Toronto, Canada. He lived in a neighborhood where every door was open, and people took care of each other. He says that it was truly an amazing place to live and explore. His parents came from entertainment backgrounds, so early in life Landan learned the power of entertainment to make people laugh and feel motivated. He uses his entertainment skills to help our clients enjoy their workouts and push themselves to the next level. Our Performist clients rave about how Landan makes them feel motivated and challenged like never before.

Fitness training has always been a big part of Landan’s life. He especially enjoys creative and intense exercise that requires him to think, prepare and constantly push forward. When Landan is training full on for an event, he uses cryo 4-5 times a week to keep his mind and body responsive and fully recovering. When he is moderately active, he uses cryo 2 or 3 times a week to keep his endorphins high and his mind and body happy. He says that the process and sensation of cryotherapy makes his entire day exciting and more effective.

Stephen “The bunny”

Stephen hails originally from London, England and loves to invest in technology when he is not chewing on carrots or being petted. Stephen’s passion in life outside of cryo are his two little bunny children, and he can often be seen out and about in Palo Alto with one of them on his little bunny shoulders.

Despite his stumpy legs, Stephen has run multiple marathons and uses cryotherapy at least three times a week. He has found from his own experience that cryotherapy allows him to train longer and harder and to recover quicker. He used to be a dedicated abuser of caffeinated beverages, but has replaced that with his daily ‘cryo fix’.

Stephen has been training with Landan for almost five years, and is a dedicated disciple of his methods. They discovered cryotherapy together several years ago when training for a major cross fit event, and have since used it frequently in their own training protocols. They were shocked to find out how little known cryotherapy is amongst both the Californian human and bunny communities, and decided to bring it to Palo Alto. The rest is history.

Guilherme “Chief of Everything”

Fondly called “G” by his family, friends and our Performist clients, Guilherme Santos runs all of our operations. Everyone agrees that The Performist just wouldn’t be the same without him because G personally makes sure that every client has exactly what he or she needs.

G grew up in Brazil and moved to the United States when he was 14 years old. An entrepreneur from the start, he started his first job when he was just 7. G bought “Pasteis” (a form of Brazilian dough) from a pastry shop and then walked door-to-door selling it to people for $1 more than the price he had paid. He’s proud to say that he’s been working ever since. G has been a sales person, bus boy, waiter, manager, limousine driver, limousine company owner, and now a partner in The Performist.

G takes advantage of cryotherapy 3-4 times a week. Because he sat for long hours as a limo driver, his back took a beating, and cryo makes his back feel much better. G trains about 4 times a week and particularly loves Landan’s classes. He says that the combination of training and cryotherapy keep him sharp and ready for whatever he needs to accomplish.

When he isn’t at The Performist, You can often find G running the trails of the Peninsula with his dogs in tow. Recently, G has picked up drone flying, and he says that it is really fun and challenging. His drone has earned a few battle scars, but it still flies!

Alex “fiddy cent”

Alex is a seasoned investor with a proven track record of backing and scaling growth businesses. He went to business school with the bunny and they have been best friends for the past decade.

To stay at the top of his mental and physical game, Alex exercises 5-6 times per week, including running, weight training and spinning. To feel great, especially after intense exercise, Alex uses cryotherapy several times a week. He finds that he heals more quickly and sleeps soundly after doing cryo, and regular cryotherapy treatments are an integral part of his workout routine.

Alex was primarily raised by his mother, and he credits her for making him a curious person. She passed on her sense of innate curiosity, which has led him to seek new experiences, like cryo. He says that he is tremendously grateful because life is much more interesting when you are curious.

Alex’s greatest joy in life is spending time with his children, currently 8 and 4 years old. His children are fantastic – fun and full of life – and helping them develop is truly rewarding. Alex is also extremely excited about building a non-profit aimed at curing a rare medical condition. His non-profit recently held their annual fundraising event in New York and the Performist was delighted to be one of the title sponsors. Next year, we might try to bring our cryo machine with us…!

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