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Feel Great

Our performance training will challenge both your body and mind. You’ll leave feeling energized, happy, ripped and ready for anything!

Perform Better

Research has shown that Cryotherapy triggers endorphins and increases your blood flow, which we believe helps you to train harder. Try it before a workout and find out for yourself.

Recover Faster

Even a single Cryotherapy session significantly decreases muscle inflammation and swelling and mends damaged muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments.

Burn Calories

Research suggests you'll burn 500 - 800 calories during and after Cryotherapy as your body warms back up to room temperature. Abracadabra. Combine it with our performance training group and individual classes to torch your fat ASAP.

Performist Cryotherapy and Fitness

Professional sports athletes have already discovered that whole body Cryotherapy is a powerful way to increase athletic performance and decrease recovery time. By combining Cryotherapy with our unique performance training, The Performist enables you to be at your absolute best – for every type of performance. Whether you are a professional athlete or couch surfer, you’ll feel the cryo buzz and you’ll tone up, while we put a smile on your face.

Cryotherapy is like pressing your body’s reset button. You’ll feel refreshed, rejuvenated and energized!

How It Works

Intrigued? Here’s how we freeze and motivate you to higher performance!

01/ Embark on your minutes of fun

We’ll give you comfy socks, gloves and some rather swanky slippers. You step into a state-of-the-art Cryotherapy Sauna in one of our private treatment rooms. Your neck and head will remain completely above the machine. One of our trained Performist will remain with you throughout your session.

02/ Just chill

Nitrogen gas mist will circulate around your body for 2-3 minutes. Your skin surface temperature will drop. You’ll feel a little cold, but it’s not painful. We promise!

03/ Your body thanks you

To maintain your body’s core temperature, your brain gives orders to all peripheral parts of your body to constrict the muscles, blood vessels and tissue, sending oxygenated, nutrient-rich blood to your core and organs, as well as releasing wonderful endorphins that will help you to feel ready to conquer your day!

04/ Step out

As your body warms up, enriched blood and endorphins are pumped back through your body, decreasing inflammation and mending muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments.

05/ The afterburn

Your body needs energy and calories as it warms back up after your sessions. Research suggests that your session and this ‘after burn’ effect can melt away between 500 and 800 calories. In addition, the exhilarating feeling you get from endorphin release has been shown to last 6-8 hours!

Tone and Strengthen

Combine our Cryotherapy sessions with 1-on-1 performance coaching sessions with our lead Performist and/ or our performist classes, and you will torch fat like never before. Our combination of the best personalized performance training that you’ve ever experienced and the Cryotherapy that you’ve never experienced is truly unique and will leave you looking and feeling like a new you.

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